CAP – Community Access Program

This is a community based program for young people aged 6 to 25 years old. We provide a wide range of activities that vary week to week to suit the range of support needs and interests of each group. We meet the participant’s in the morning at various pick up points in our new 12 seat mini bus. We then enjoy a different fun activity each week that gives the children the opportunity to learn skills that are needed in the community.


Programs operate each Saturday and Sunday for approximately 7-hours each.

Grow With Us

This is a group based program for people living with disabilities aged 18 years and over. In this program, we support people to learn new skills and plan for their future. We support with capacity building and learning life skills such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting and preparing for employment.


This program runs week days 9am to 3pm.

Soul support

Soul support is where we match an experienced disability support worker to the individual to work solely with them, assisting them to learn life skills towards their goals on a one to one basis. The aim of the worker is to work in home or in your community to assist the individual with capacity building towards their individualised goals.

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