Who We Are

Escapades is a disability service provider that offer a range of services for children and people who aged 6 to 64years old who are living with disabilities. We feel it is important for people to have more opportunities to spend time with their peers and be able to meaningfullyparticipate in their community and have fun while doing it.

Why Choose Us

Escapades Group provide a range of support options for children and young people who have a disability. We provide support with an emphasis on increasing individuals skill development and social opportunities – offering people more flexibility and creativity in their supports.


Escapades Grouphas been launched this year by four dedicated people who want to make a difference in people’s lives. Between us we have been supporting children and people with a disabilityfor over 50 years. As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out in SA, we will start to see a greater number of people with a disability have the opportunity tohave choice and control on who supports them, what kind of support they want, when they want. Since our registration with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), we have been talking to people with disabilities and their families, listening to their needs and creating the kind of support they want.


Escapades Group have a passion for supporting people with a disability and their families in new and creative ways, discovering new ways of providing traditional disability supports. We hope to develop new programs, trial new ideas as we grow here in SA. We want the services we offer to Grow with us, as we support you to grow. Escapades Group is a small service without a bloated management system – so the people supporting you are the ones shaping the service we provide.


To enrich the lives of people living with disabilities by creating opportunities for them to learn, interact and gain skills for life and become part of their community.

Excellence in supporting people living with disabilities.


We don’t want to be a huge organisation that monopolises the sector, or have offices all around the country covering every aspect of disability support. We are real people, with a real passion for enabling children and people living with disabilities to believe in themselves and support them to create the life they choose. We treat our children and participants as if they were our own children or how we want to be treated- with care, respect, encouragement and belief that everyone has a place in society, everyone is of value, everyone has something to offer.

Values And Misson

We are passionate about making a difference for people living with disabilities by building their life skills and promoting independence to enable them to live their best lives.

Trust- Your happiness and wellbeing is our absolute priority in everything we do. We have trained, qualified and experienced staff whose main role is to build a relationship with you through listening to your needs, by being reliable and doing what we say we are going to do.


Empowerment- through years of experience, we understand the challenges young people living with disabilities face- and we want to enable you to reach your full potential by believing in you and assisting you to overcome barriers to support you to work towards your goals in life.


Respect- we will treat you in the exact way we would like to be treated. We see everyone as an individual, we will be friendly, courteous, have regard of your feelings at all times and treat you as an equal. We will encourage and teach you how to respect others too.


Inclusion- We believe everyone is entitled to be treated and feel like a valued member of society, and you should be given the opportunity to be included in your community. We help teach you the skills you need to learn to participate in everyday life.

Our Team


Julie Armstrong


Shelina Rayani


Naushad Rayani

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