CAP – Community Access Program

This is a community based program for young people aged 6 to 25 years old which operates each Saturday and Sunday (except for public holidays). We provide a wide range of activities that vary from week to week that assist them to;

• build resilience
• improve relationships
• learn life skills
• understand social etiquette
• be physically active
• try new experiences

SDP – Skill Development Program

Skill Development Program is a group based program for people living with disabilities aged 18 years and over. In this program we support people

• to build their capacity in independent living
• learn life skills such as cooking, cleaning &
• increase social and community participation
• prepare for employment
• socialize and have fun

SS – Soul Support

This is our mentor support program where staff work one on one with a
participant. This can be at home or out in the community, assisting them to work on their goals. This may be

• learning life skills
• travel training
• undertaking tasks at home
• assistance with self care activities

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