Skill Development Program

SDP – Skill Development Program



Skill Development Program (SDP)

Our Skill Development Program is a group program for people living with disabilities aged 18 years and over. We operate on weekdays for an 8 hour session and are based at the Playford Civic Centre Library.


Our sessions have many various programmed activities that are designed so that the participant will develop friendship and socialise with their peers and staff while building upon their skills and having fun.

The base and planned activities assist the individual to further develop their capabilities in independent living skill and with preparing for employment.

The participant is supported in learning life skills by participating in activities such as cooking, shopping, cleaning, budgeting, using public transport.

We also focus on maintaining healthy lifestyle.

This is achieved through our program to go on hiking, trailing, and going for walks in parks and Adelaide CBD. We assist participants to develop their independence, social and work place etiquette, follow instructions, ability to stay on task and ability to complete a task.

This NDIS funded program requires participant to supply their own food and activity cost. Daily activities planned usually costs between $0 to $15.

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